What is the difference between Bronstein Delay and US Delay?

In accordance with FIDE rules and regulations, the DGT2010, DGT XL and DGT3000 clocks always show the total amount of time left for the player. This means that in Bronstein Delay options the display shows the main thinking time and the delay time added together in the display.
However as soon as a player presses the lever of the clock at the end of his turn the following will happen:

  1. If the player used less time for his move than the delay time; the clock will jump back to the value it had at the beginning of the player's turn. No main time has been used and the player moved within the delay time.
  2. The player used more time for his move than the delay time; the clock will add the delay time to the remaining thinking time for the next move.

For a comparison of Bronstein Delay and US Delay please take a look at below example:
Option 14 on a DGT XL or option 22 on a DGT 2010: Delay Blitz, 5 min + 3 sec per move free.
When selecting this option the display will show 5.03 (5 min, 3 sec) for each player because the delay time is added for the first move too.
Player A uses 2 sec for the first move; the clock counts down to 5.01 and jumps back to 5.03 after the player has finished his move and pressed the lever.
Player B uses 5 sec for the first move; the clock will count down to 4.58 and jumps to 5.01 (4.58 + 3 sec) after the player has finished his move and pressed the lever.
When a player has more than 20 minutes available the clock, seconds are not displayed on the DGT2010 or the DGT XL and you will only see the minutes displayed. This means that you will not be visually informed about the delay time. However delay will be active if you have chosen the delay option.
In the US this timing method is called "Bronstein Delay" but in principal the effect is the same as when the clock would wait counting down during the delay time as it does in “US Delay”.
A clock with the functionality of a DGT2010 but not having the US Delay options is the DGT North American.

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