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Selection of chess pieces is a very personal matter. DGT offers a selection of fine handmade sets for use on the electronic DGT boards.

These sets that can be used on all existing DGT Electronic Boards and the Revelation Chess Computer.

All sets are produced as regular electronic DGT set as well as specially weighted electronic set except for the plastic set and the Modern Staunton set which only come in a weighted version.

All DGT chess pieces sets are supplied with four queens, two for each colour.



The Official FIDE Chess Set was first used on DGT boards at the World Championship Match in 2013 in Chennai India when Magnus Carlsen used the pieces to defeat Vishwanathan Anand and become the 16th World Champion.

The distinctive set was designed by internationally renowned Pentagram designer and architect Daniel Weil. The pieces are based on the proportions of classical Greek architecture and the classic Staunton design to create a set that is both modern and traditional.

 Timeless Set

The DGT Timeless pieces are the classical Staunton model in its most common form.

The Timeless pieces are very often used in combination with the Walnut e-Board.

Many chess world championships and most major chess tournaments select this attractive combination.

 Royal Set The DGT Royal chess pieces are made from the finest rosewood and have an elaborately cut knight.
 Classic Set The DGT Classic chess pieces are a black stained variation on the Staunton model with a robust Knight.
 Ebony Set The DGT Ebony pieces are the most exclusive and luxurious chess pieces for DGT e-boards, made from real ebony.
  The DGT Modern Staunton chess pieces are a contemporary design option for those chess players who prefer a 21st century look. This set is weighted and looks particularly beautiful on the black and red leather Bluetooth e-Board.
 Electronic Plastic Chess Pieces

The Electronic Plastic Chess Pieces are designed as an affordable alternative for use on the DGT Smart Boards.

Made from high quality, sturdy  plastic the set is weighted to create that extra robust feel and enhance the experience of playing chess.


DGT Product Development found a way to increase the weight of electronic chess pieces that adds around 220-260 gram per set!

Placing metal weights in the handcrafted pieces is impossible as it interferes with the frequencies but a solution was found using a very special compound material that significantly increases the weight of regular electronic DGT sets. Many players prefer a slightly heavier feel of a piece when they make a move.

Traditional DGT sets Timeless, Classic, Royal and Ebony as well as the official FIDE set, are now available both as regular electronic set and as weighted electronic set. Below list gives an indication of the set weights. Please note that stated weights are for indication only and may vary from set to set as natural products are used and the sets are handmade.

  Regular set Weighted set
Ebony 730 g / 25.8 oz 985 g / 34.7 oz
Classic 725 g / 25.6 oz 960 g / 33.9 oz
Royal 760 g / 26.8 oz 1000 g / 35.3 oz
Timeless 680 g / 24.0 oz 920 g / 32.5 oz
FIDE 780 g / 27.5 oz 1000 g / 35.3 oz
Plastic Not applicable 990 g / 34.9 oz
Modern Staunton Not applicable 918 g / 32.4 oz


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