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www.AjedrezChile.com is the website of “Importadora Bilingual Limitada”, the leading company of chess equipment in Chile. Based in Santiago we distribute throughout the country and South America.

“Importadora Bilingual” is a flexible company with new and fresh ideas that contribute to the chess development with a strong focus on products quality and services. It offers a wide range of chess boards, chess clocks, Chess teaching boards, software, giant chess boards, chess tables, e-boards, novelties, etc. allowing us to offer to our customers, chess without limits!!!!!!

Manuel Carrera, owner and founder of the company, started playing chess when he was 14 years old and this quickly became his passion. Decades later, when he set up “Importadora Bilingual Limitada”, he made the commitment to import the best and most varied chess related equipment and started to select all the products that would be part of the product range.

Our alliance with DGT allows us to be in the vanguard in chess technology, counting on the official FIDE chess clocks, recreational chess clocks and in a very special way with the DGT e-Boards which are the best technology in chess. We count on the DGT support for the necessary advice to make your ideas come true.

Additionally, we advise with innovative tools on educational projects and, since we act as an importer, we can bring a wide variety of products from abroad in addition to chess. We are always looking for new products, whether chess related or other commercial purposes.

Contact us and allow us to support your ideas.


Owner: Manuel Carrera

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Fono: + (562) 343-1183


www.AjedrezChile.com es la página web de “Importadora Bilingual Limitada”, empresa líder de Chile en artículos de ajedrez. Ubicada en Santiago de Chile distribuye a todo el país y en forma especial a Sudamérica.

“Importadora Bilingual” es una empresa flexible que tiene ideas nuevas y frescas que contribuyen al desarrollo del ajedrez con un fuerte foco en la calidad de productos y servicios, cuenta con un amplio catálogo de tableros de ajedrez, relojes de ajedrez, mural para clases, libros, software, ajedrez gigante, mesas, tableros electrónicos (e-boards), novedades, etc. que permite ofrecer a sus clientes un ajedrez sin límites!!!!

Manuel Carrera, su Socio Gerente, aprendió a jugar ajedrez a los 14 años y el ajedrez se convirtió prontamente en su pasión, décadas después cuando creó la empresa “Importadora Bilingual”, asumió el compromiso de tener los mejores y más variados equipamientos ligados al ajedrez y comenzó a seleccionar personalmente cada uno de los productos que se integrarían a la oferta de productos.

La alianza con DGT permite estar a la vanguardia tecnológica de ajedrez, contando con los relojes oficiales de la FIDE, relojes de ajedrez recreativos y en forma muy especial con los tableros electrónicos (e-Boards) que son lo máximo en ajedrez. Contamos con el apoyo de DGT para brindar la asesoría necesaria para que sus ideas se hagan realidad.

Adicionalmente, asesoramos con herramientas innovadoras a proyectos educativos y como importadora podemos traer una amplia variedad de productos, adicionales al ajedrez. Estamos siempre en proceso de búsqueda de nuevos productos, ya sean de ajedrez o para otros fines.

Contáctenos y permítanos apoyar sus ideas.


Socio Gerente: Manuel Carrera

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fono: + (562) 343-1183


Featured Products

  • DGT Echo: the chess clock that speaks!

    DGT proudly presents DGT Echo, a speaking chess clock for blind and visually impaired players. It is available from September 2020.

  • New! DGT Centaur Travel Bag

    To take the DGT Centaur wherever you go, we made a special tailored travel bag.

  • Limited Edition Leather Bluetooth e-Board

    DGT celebrated its 25th anniversary with a very special version of the wireless e-Board. Only 50 boards were made!

  • DGT1006 Backgammon Timer

    The new DGT1006 Backgammon Timer has a special feature: the delay option!

  • DGT3000 Limited Edition

    A special DGT3000 Limited Edition is released to celebrate DGT 25th year anniversary.

  • DGT1005 - Byo-yomi timer

    New high quality timer with Japanese Byo-yomi timing options especially designed for the ancient games of Shogi and Go.

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As a leading electronics and digital company we develop innovative ideas into quality products and unique services.

We take play seriously and want to add fun, fairness and excitement to all games.


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